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By looking at the benefits of mobile applications big brands like Chanel and Dior have launched their e-shop applications this year.

Gone are the days when customers used to spend whole weekend visiting numerous shops, brand stores and then standing in billing queues. Apps and technology has made our life much easier. Sitting at a place checking the whole store is what we can say a perfect use of mobile technology.

The Virtual Trial Room option has given a different user experience to the customers.Accessibility to the favorite fashion and brand is increased and all the credit goes to mobile applications. Just select-try-checkout and the product will be delivered at your door step and if you don’t like the product then you can also return it. Shoppers tend to seek out about the product online before purchasing it. People can explore and research a new product, read reviews, compare prices, take pictures of the product, find store locations and eventually buy something. This in return improves brand visibility and will strengthen potential customer.

Whether you are a small retailer or a big brand a mobile app give will give you a unique way to utilize technology for enhancing sales and customer engagement. A perfectly customized mobile app for your fashion store will show your products, send offers, show facility at store, Location of the store and will engage your customer.

The Virtual Trial Room is the latest trend which has increased the shopping experience of customers to a greater extent. The virtual trial room assists the buyers to visualize themselves while trying a variety of clothes. It gives a clearer idea of the apparel the customer wants to buy as a result providing better customer satisfaction. Virtual Trial Room is a benefit for both the customers and the retailers.

Customers can try their outfits anywhere, anytime and can compare looks of different apparels by taking the pictures. This will allow the customers to ask for reviews from others and it will be easier to decide what to buy. On the other hand the retailers will get a better customer engagement growth as customers will find it innovative and fun to try different styles. This will lead to low product return rate as the customers had already tried so there will be no issues of fittings. Which will at the end gives more product views and a better brand loyalty.

Vendors can also provide value added services like wardrobe management. The app can guide the customer while shopping online about the products they have in their wardrobe and the products they don’t have. The app can also help the customers to decide the matching outfits and accessories or about color combinations.

Developing a mobile application for fashion industry requires artistic insights and domain expertise. While selecting a company make sure to check their previous work. Many companies promise for a great outcome but few will actually sustain. so analyze the projects and portfolio of the company. If still you have any doubt or any suggestion regarding mobile applications contact us. We have a team of professional and experienced developers and a strong portfolio to prove our work. Our developers will work according to your requirement to provide best result within very less time.

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