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Google ARCore

Google has finally released its augmented reality toolkit as a great competitor to Apple’s ARKit. ARCore will allow the developers to create augmented reality applications. This will provide the Android developers to join the rush of developing AR apps.

ARCore will have three basic components; the first is motion tracking; it will estimate the relative location of the phone by using the internal sensors and video footage. This will help to pin the object in a stationary place and then walk around them.

Second is environmental understanding. This helps in detecting the flat surface by using the camera. Third is light estimation. This will handle the Virtual props cast accurate shadows or to fit in the surroundings.

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People who are new to the concept of 3D design can now export ARCore object from Google’s Tilt Brush VR painting App, or the VR modeling tool block. The ARCore is not only limited to the new version of android “OREO” but will also run on Pixel phones.

Google has played its role for augmented reality development. Now it’s your turn; how do you think augmented reality can transform your business operations? We are all set to work on ARCore and Apple ARKit. So decide your platform and we will develop the solution for you.

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