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Why Most Of The Taxi App Startups Failed To Compete With Uber-Like Taxi Mobile App

You woke up on a lovely morning; read the statistics about the revenue and income from taxi service business; how the taxi industry in the United States has around 7000 establishments with $6billion annual revenue. And the 360-degree service revamping approach of the Uber clone apps and other Taxi App development Solutions (Radio taxi solutions) for this billion dollar Taxi industry.

So you decided to invest your time, energy and money to build an app like Uber for your startup business. But do you think that only researching for taxi app development will help you in succeeding your startup business?

Uber wasn’t developed on plans and dreams only. It took extensive peculiarity and the pragmatic user-friendly approach and a veteran team of taxi app developers to win a spot in this competitive taxi market. You will have to dig deep into the concept of on demand app development.

First Of All; Understand The Scope Of Taxi Booking App Development

Transportation is the basic need for us; we need modes of transportation to travel to work, home, school or college. It is not necessary that every person is capable of buying a car or driving a car. Thus we need taxi service or Radio Taxi Services in our daily life.

Gone are the days of standing in sun or rain and calling out for taxis and then explaining them the route to travel. This is the mobile era; open an app, enter the destination and book a cab. This is as easy as it sounds. This is the reason for the extensive popularity of taxi booking app development along with Taxi Dispatch System.

Today; the biggest taxi markets are in Europe with 450,000+ cabs, the USA with 300,000+ and China with 500,000+ cabs. App stores and play stores are flooded with taxi booking apps or cab booking apps. But still apps like Apps like Lyft, Estonian named Taxify, Cabify, Talixo, Hailo, Gett, LeCab, Bitaksi, goCatch, Easy Taxi, Didi Dache, GrabTaxi, Ingogo earned their position in the Uber-like taxi app development market.

Wanna know how does a taxi app development company can help you win the competition of taxi app?

I am going to cover all the aspects required to build an app like uber. The following
guide consists of several major prospects and I will explain how to excel in each section.

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Start Your Journey By Selecting Your Niche: Types Of Taxi Service

Mobile app solution for your cab taxi business

To develop a taxi-booking app like uber the first step is to select the type of taxi service or radio taxi services you will provide. Picking up your customers and dropping them at the destination is just a basic taxi service. Taxi business has nowadays gone too far with various niches like:

Kids Taxi Service app development Solutions

Schools, colleges, and other institutes are always in need of legal, safe and dependable child transportation services providers. Even after the school, parents need safe kids’ transportation for after school activities and programs.

A kids taxi service app or Uber-style app for children provides the details of the driver and the live location of the vehicle as well. So whenever the kids are late you don’t have t worry, just open the app and check the location. Today; all the working parents need a secure mode of transportation for their kids. So make a taxi app like Uber for student transportation and you will lead in the taxi booking app market.

Medical & Healthcare Taxi Service app development Solution

Patients always need a mode of transportation to and from the doctor’s clinic to the home. The best way is to offer an Ambulance taxi service to the patients. All you have to do is purchase, rent or lease a suitable mode of transportation.

Contact local doctors, dentists, and physicians to set up accounts and create a taxi booking app like Uber for healthcare & Medical services.

Water Taxi Service app development Solution

A water taxi or water bus can be used to offer public or private water transportation for commercial, personal or sightseeing usage. Just like taxi booking app; a water taxi booking app can be used to track the nearby taxi, fare, and route. Recently, Uberboat has been launched by Uber Taxi in Croatian coast.

The water taxi app development will include a variety of taxi app solutions like Uber boat taxi application development, ship booking app ( Software & System ) development, cruise booking app / System development and much more.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services Application Development

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi services (WATS) are introducing wheel chair accessible transportation in a more convenient way. The taxi service for people with disabilities is the need of this hour and the industry has a lot of expansion scope like Accessible Transportation with Uber and Lyft for Wheelchair Users.

The service will include features like; modification of taxis to make it wheelchair accessible, longer waiting times, special training for drivers and much more. The industry is growing rapidly with less competition and high scope by developing apps for Wheelchair Accessible Taxi services

Custom Car Rental App Development & Software

Car rental Service app is the need of this hour. People need cars to travel within the local premise or outside on their own without the need of being dependent on any driver. The car owner can simply upload all the required papers on the app for the user to access it. Another interesting feature you can add here is the before renting and after renting image of the car.

Custom Car Rental App and Software Solution for Car Rental Businesses and Startups will serve as a great tool to provide cars on rent. When you select your niche as a car rental service make sure to clarify the services you will be providing like; corporate car rentals, outstation car rental, long term car rental, local car rental, Self Drive Car Rentals, P2P Car rental Services and the list is never ending So Build Your On-Demand Car Rental Business App like TURO, Getaround With Us.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Development Solution

Carpooling services are the latest trend and a great approach for providing affordable taxi booking services to everyone. A carpooling or ride sharing app allows people to connect share the fare of a taxi ride between the passengers using some popular apps like Zipcar, Carma, Moovel, and Zimride. A carpooling app development will include features like the privacy of users sharing the ride, calculation of sharing amount, creating or joining travel plans etc.

Luxury Taxi Services app development (Lamborghini and Mercedes)

People need luxury cars only once in a while; so it is unnecessary to invest on buying luxury cars. Instead; renting luxury cars is the new trend. People search for the car they want and then hire it for some specific time.

A luxury taxi booking app is what you can ask for. Create a taxi booking app for luxury cars like Lamborghini and Mercedes and you can easily grow in your niche; as the competition is quite low. so build your own Limousine Services app with us and increase your client tale.

Let’s develop On-Demand Taxi Apps Software for your niche

Determined your niche? Let’s check out How to make a taxi app

Want to build your own Custom taxi booking app or Complete Taxi Business Solution?

You might have heard that developing an app is easy.

Yes, that’s true; daily new taxi booking apps are launching in the market but how many of them are actually surviving?

People with startup idea in their mind are surfing on the internet about “How to make a taxi app?”.

They search for the tutorials and YouTube videos and start developing a taxi app like Uber, Lyft.

But do you think if make an app like Uber was this easy then why is only few taxi
booking apps are ruling the world?

The answer is anyone can bake a cake, but people will only pay for the one which is the best.

So before wasting your time, efforts and energy to create a taxi app like Uber or Lyft; talk to some of the best taxi app developers for hire. You will understand the difference between the approach, planning, and efforts.

Now that you are all set to develop an app you have two options:


Make An app like Uber (Uber Clone App)


Brand Your Business As A Competitor To Uber, Lyft

Make An Uber clone app:

If you want to develop an app like Uber – A Taxi app clone, then all you have to do is; select the features you want in your mobile app and then hire taxi app developers in India, USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Germany who are capable of working with Uber Clone Script, source code or Similar apps like Uber, Lyft.

Uber like Taxi app clone script comes with an iOS and Android app for your customers & Drivers so you can get your app easily within a short time span.

Brand your business as a competitor to Uber

Beating Uber in this competitive market is next to impossible, but you can contend with it.

Do you think you have a unique idea which can compete with Uber?

Then you should go for developing a taxi app for your brand and you will generate the best ROI and business.

So develop a brand for your taxi mobile app. Build your own billion dollar business with a taxi mobile app and if you need any assistance, you can contact us.

To Make Your App Unique You Need Best In Class Features

To win your spot as the best taxi booking mobile app ( radio taxi solution ) you will have to stand out of the crowd. And to stand out of the crowd you will need uniqueness. Building a plain Uber clone or an app with standalone features requires a deep understanding of leading features.

To create a taxi app require top notch mobile app development company will help you in integrating your desired features in the taxi app design & Development. Following is the list of must have features of a cab mobile apps:

taxi services online payment
estimate of fare
Easy Ride Rating
Easy User Registration for Cab booking
Request for Ride
Trip History
adjust your pickup location
Promotion Invite Or Code
Payment History Option
Display the Available Driver
Start & End Ride Notification
Easy Payment Getaways
Cash & Different Mode of Payment
Live Routing

Need a complete app based cab booking business solution?

Hire Taxi App Developers

Must Have Components For Taxi Booking On Demand App Development Solution

To build a taxi app like Uber, Lyft for your startup you will need a complete end to end Taxi App solution which can cover all the major aspects and factors of a taxi mobile app development cost.

Following are the elements required for the best Taxi Booking App Solution:

A Web based Admin Panel (Admin Panel Booking Software) required to manage taxi drivers app, passengers app and assign base rates for trips. An admin panel should have all the features and information of the passenger app and driver app. You can integrate following features in your admin panel:

Change password option


CRM activities


Assign and manage taxi


Customized visibility to details and transaction for dispatchers


Details from all the booking channel


Add & manage user account, contacts & ratings.


Statistical dashboard


Access to canceled, completed and rejected trip transaction details

To develop the admin panel you can leverage various technology combinations; Laravel for backend panel development, firebase is for the real-time data access and nodeJs with MongoDB for server side scripting.
The Taxi Booking app for Passengers is the main ingredient from which you will earn your return of investment. For developing a passenger app; reactnative and ionic framework is the leading choice. The app will be required by the customers to schedule, call or cancel a taxi. To provide the best user experience your passenger app should have following features:

Easy sign-up


Detailed driver details


Promo code promotions


Selection of type of vehicle


Live Tracking


Saved locations


Automatic Payment using CC/DC


Social media login


Fare Estimator


OTP verification

A Taxi Booking app for drivers is required to respond and connect to your passengers. Each driver should have its own account for security sake. To manage the app easily it is necessary to provide the best features in the app; make sure to integrate these features in the app:

Verified Signup


Accept/reject requests in real time


Ride history


Navigation via Google maps


Payment management


Path tracking to customer’s location


Start/stop waiting time


Route Optimization

A dispatcher panel (Taxi Dispatch Solution) is required to manage drivers, assign trips, and take telephone bookings. It is important to develop Best Taxi Dispatch System / Software to avoid queuing, idle drivers, fuel wastage, and other aspects. Make sure to add the following features in your auto dispatch panel:

Real time dashboard updating


Access to trip transaction details


Easy tracking of taxi, drivers, passengers, and transactions


Navigation via Google maps


Display of passenger details with status


Manage bookings


Server dispatch of drivers as per the nearest to the passenger


Route Optimization

All set to develop a taxi booking app? Keep in mind following things for developing the best taxi mobile app:

Now when you have earned a lot of knowledge about taxi app development;

Next step is to find taxi app developers for hire who can work for you.

But before hiring a taxi app development company…

Here are few points to consider which will make your app development journey smoother:


Choose the right mobile app platform


Make sure to send Billing and invoice emails on ride completion


Provide Minimum clicks booking completion


Opt for a Smoothest UI


Pay special Attention to the localization


Add area based Payments modes and gateways

The Most Awaited Section: How Much Does It Cost to Make An App Like Uber

The most searched question related to taxi app development is the cost to build an app like uber.
The answer to this question depends on the modules, functionalities, and features that you want to integrate into your app.

As I have talked above taxi booking app is based on four major modules: passenger app, driver app, dispatcher panel, admin panel.

The total price will be dependent on the resources and time span invested for the app.
You will have two cost options:

  • Hourly rate
  • Complete Taxi App Solution rate.

Hourly rate varies for different places. For example it is $100-$150 in the UK, while $40-$80 in Europe. But at Excellent WebWorld, we develop apps at $25 per hour.

Let's have a quick comparison of services provided by Excellent WebWorld with the other App development companies:

Services Excellent Web World Others
Hourly price $25 $40-150
Total cost of taxi app development $30000* $150000-$300000
Support After app development 3 to 6 months without any charges Extra charges after the development of the app.
Privacy Strict NDA rules May disclose your idea for their marketing
Testing and analysis Latest devices and algorithms As per the availability of testing devices
Coding standards Expert guidelines No specific guidelines

Having doubts about our economical prices?

Wondering why we are developing at such a low cost? We are not compromising on the quality but we have that level of expertise and experience of developing an app like Uber- that we are now a master in that.

A minimum viable product (MVP) cost for taxi booking app can be $30,000.

App development solutions offered in other similar businesses

The taxi app development solution can be utilized in other similar businesses as well. It is not necessary to keep your limitations up to On-Demand Taxi Apps Software only; you can expand your reach to other industries as well:

Taxi Moter Bike App

Moter Bike App

You can develop a share a bike app or bike booking app. The app will work just like custom taxi booking apps but for two-wheeler vehicles.

Truck booking solutions

Truck Booking Solutions

Truck booking apps will help the customers to track the route, monitor maintenance and manage the booking.

Public Bus Service Solution

Public Bus Service Solution

A bus seat booking management tool can be created from which customers can save their seats on the bus.

Crane Operators

Crane Operators

Crane operators can automate their business operations with crane renting apps in which cranes can be hired for specific time period.

Rickshaw Booking

Rickshaw Booking

Users can book a rickshaw online from a mobile app; this app is for the customers who cannot afford the rent of hiring a taxi.

Towing Service Providers

Towing Service Providers

Towing service provider mobile apps helps in location the vehicle and dispatching the vehicle for the customer requests.


Now the choice is yours; if you want to develop a taxi booking app then select your niche and
Contact to our Taxi app developers now.

We will provide you the best resources at an affordable cost. We have dedicated pricing models for all our clients; you can select your pricing model as per your budget and requirement.

If you want to go for other uber app development service like rickshaw booking, truck booking etc. then subscribe to the blog as we will soon be uploading a one more blog talking about various new upcoming booking app solutions.

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