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New mobile apps usage trends and statistics indicate that apps for mobile are on storm. There are many people available that understand the significance of apps for helping customers get quicker content.

The stats indicate that people expend 52% of the time spent with digital media for mobile apps that indicates that businesses make money through usage of mobile applications.

People using tablets or mobile phones are using the web in lesser amount. People having Smartphones expend 89% time using the mobile applications.

It is certainly the fact that mobile apps have become very important. Nevertheless, 42% of the mobile sales produced by all the leading business websites were because of their mobile apps.

So, the marketers are interested in understanding how the consumers are behaving, what their preferences are and which mobile handsets they are using to design successful mobile app tactics.

It is anticipated that by the year 2017, the worldwide mobile apps revenue will be over $77 billion from $35 billion in the year 2014.

This massive growth in the revenue clearly indicates that the mobile apps may become more significant day the day. The average timing spent on the mobile apps has risen by 21% compared to last year.

It is extremely important to identify on what kind of apps the people are spending their time with. As per the statistics, people are spending time on different mobile apps in this order:

The top 3 quickest growing app categories include Music with 79%, Health & Fitness with 59% and Social Networking with 41%.

In the meantime, 85% people prefer mobile apps rather than mobile websites. A broader adaptation of technological advancement and smartphones with native apps indicates that consumers are getting local mobile apps for providing better experiences than the mobile web.

This enormous shift to the mobile apps is trending for a moment and certainly it has reached to the heights. Total mobile apps percentage used once has reduced by 2%, whereas the total apps utilized more than 11 times has augmented by 39% in the last one year.

In the year 2017, the competition of apps business will become more severe! The mobile app developers will need to reply through building different products with in-built engagement loops, concentrating their attempts on the user engagements and retention, opposed to the growth hacking in the early economy days for app. With a discovered app or installed in the user’s devices won’t be enough as the use has become a new combat zone.

The year 2016 was possibly record-breaking for the mobile as well as technology industries and in the year 2017, this trend will continue, which will result in the number of medium-to-large scale players who will be able to fight. With the UI front, the voice-activated UI may get more mainstream acceptance, however, it’s still not clear if the voice or conversational UI may get best suited for mobile or some other applications.

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