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Do you remember the time when we used to rush back home to watch our favorite TV show? And the days when we used to save our pocket money to buy the DVD of our favorite movie? Now recall the days when there used to be telephones with long cords for the communication. Some of us might have cordless, but we all used to wait for the nights to talk at cheaper rates. All we used to know at that time was we can only call and message from the phones.

Since a decade ago none of us would have thought of a tiny device that can provide all the unimaginable things. You can watch a TV show, you can download your favorite movie and can click and save thousands of pictures with just a click.

How mobile apps are changing the mode of entertainment:

The entertainment industry has witnessed many technology upgrades. The advancements in technology have led to the evolution of print media to digital media. The entertainment industry has been redefined by the mobility solutions. Gone are the days when phones were used only for the communication purpose. The only list of entertainment on mobile phones at that time was peppy ringtones, short videos, and a few wallpapers. And now, from news alert to sports score updates, everything is available on the smart phones. Mobile applications are creating a new genre in the entertainment landscape.
The benefits of mobile apps for the entertainment and media industry are uncountable. Mobile apps are a major trend for media and entertainment industry. The lucrative source of ROI is the primary reason for the love from enterprises. I am sure you must be excited about the idea of the development of a mobile app for the entertainment industry It’s a profitable idea when you know how to extract the best value from it.

Are you planning to contact an entertainment and media app development company to get your own application?

Then you should think of the factors to make your app one-of-a-kind to gain a competitive advantage over other entertainment and media applications.
Let’s have a look at five critical aspects that you should incorporate in your media or entertainment mobile app to make it a unique app:

Performance is a substantial factor

Providing a high-quality experience to the users is a must for any mobile application. The performance is everything, no user likes to wait to get the content. Make your user wait for a little, make their video buffer or delay the content transmission and they will jump to your competitor’s application. The high-performing entertainment applications are based on the rate and quality of delivery of content and responsiveness.

The Operating system should not be a hurdle

You cannot get the best ROI from your application if you are focusing on one platform only. Whether it is android, iOS or windows, each platform has its own significance and own set of users. Neglecting one platform can affect the number of downloads of your application. Your application should be adequate enough to work on all the platforms effectively. The quality of the result and the presentation of the content should be consistent on all platforms.

Consistent flow

The flow of content you are delivering to your viewers should be regular. The viewers want new content every time. Having the same repetitive content will make your application look dull and will shoo away your viewers. So, as a result, timely updating the content is a crucial step for retaining your customers. For example app for watching TV shows always required to be updated in order to broadcast the latest content of the shows.

Friendly UI

A User Interface of the mobile app should be presentable and user-friendly. The user should be able to navigate through the whole application easily without any hindrance. The application should be visually guiding the user via interactive elements. An effective UI will make the user engaged with the app on all types of devices.

Social media integration

Social media today is the most beloved platform for all age groups. To attract new customers. Allowing users to share the details of their favorite shows and upcoming events via social media connectivity is also an effective technique to attract new users. Motivate your users to share the details of their favorite show with the link of the app on their social media profile. This will make other users to check the application and can download it if they found it useful for them.

Just getting an app developed doesn’t bring you success, you’ll have to make your app interactive enough to attract new users and retain existing users. In today’s highly competitive world, customer retention is an important aspect, as customers are looking for better services. So, keep in mind the above five aspects to make your app prominent among your competitors.

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