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Equipped with latest devices and technologies Excellent WebWorld works extensively using relevant protocols to carve meaningful IoT application. Our IoT services provide ways to develop and enhance the business of the client. We connect people, process, and information together to improve operational efficiencies, enhancing user experience and creating a digital business.

Our applications make reliable and real-time processing of IoT data very easy. The apps allow making fast queries into the business and operating environment with no need of managing infrastructure. Our IoT developers know how to handle and store data and how to create scalability for enterprises. We develop IoT mobile apps that help administrators to monitor and control the activity of the devices remotely. The admin can send commands to the device to make it work according to the requirement.

What we provide:


Multi-tenant architecture supporting IoT resources effectively


Remote infrastructure management


Device IoT framework


Customized form-factor design


Reliable and safe IoT solutions


Develop and operate a turn-key IoT system

Why Excellent WebWorld?

At excellent WebWorld meet the right set of people, devices, expertise and experience to get the best solution for your business. We clearly understand the importance of mobile apps for connecting internet and devices. We have worked on protocols like UPnP, MQTT, and OBD2. Our flexible architecture supports the connectivity of devices. By integrating cloud platform with IoT applications we provide a unified programming model for both batch and streaming data sources. We specialize in developing IoT applications by integrating wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We focus on developing an application that offers fast data transfer and the ability to handle the high quantity of data.

We work hard to polish IoT application idea to provide utmost extensibility and enhanced value. We believe in excellence and hence work hard towards achieving it. Our IoT developers know how to handle and store data and how to create scalability for enterprises. Our developers blend latest trends with useful software and then serves the mobile application as desired by the client. We had a track record of developing IoT applications by integrating various technologies and best gateways. Hire our IoT developers to get the advantage of the best services we provide.

Why choose us?


High confidentiality


Complete transparency


Pocket-friendly solutions


Innovative and unique ideas


24/7 technical support

Case Study


A digital music stage

Our experts have designed and developed a custom app for the music lovers. The app is providing a unique music experience to the users by allowing integration of various instrument sounds.



How mobile apps are gripping their roots into education industry?

I personally envy with the new generation, during my school days due to less presence of technology, I used to struggle a lot to learn each subject

Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry

The technology is changing the education landscape where the mobile apps for education industry will replace the traditional teaching methods.

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2017 is going to be a revolutionary year for the education landscape. Technology will make the teaching and learning experience more collaborative and interactive. The time is here where information will be consumed quickly using innovative teaching methods.