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Today, wearables like Fitbit, apple watch, and android wears are ruling the human minds. Enterprises are also embracing into wearables apps to give the competition in the market. Smartwatches and Smartglasses are revolutionizing enterprise mobility by providing the best user experience and faster access. We create and integrate solutions for multiple industries.

Excellent WebWorld combines the enormous electronic design and development expertise with AppleWatch SDK, AndroidWear SDK to develop an app satisfying all the client’s needs. We keep our extensive knowledge updated with the new technologies and software to provide latest suitable solutions to the client. Improve your market presence and revenue generation with our expertise, who are capable to design wearable apps that can monitor blood oxygen levels, blood pressure level, track heart rates, and monitor insulin of the body.

What we provide:


Customized wearable applications for Android


User-friendly device design


Applications for Fitness bracelets


IoT-based wearable apps


Wearable app development for iPad and iPod


End to end wearable device solutions from analysis, planning, designing, coding, testing deployment, maintenance and marketing

Why Excellent WebWorld?

Excellent WebWorld is in the wearable technology from the beginning. We provide future support and maintenance required in the application after the development phase is over. Meet the team of wearable app developers that can help you in conceptualizing, designing and building apps that are robust, intuitive and engaging.

The developers at Excellent WebWorld deliver future ready enterprise solutions with productive output and cost advantage. We focus on higher user engagement while developing the applications. We have an experience of developing customized apps for all types of wearable devices across diverse platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and iBeacon.

Why choose us?


Seamless processes




Confidentiality and security


Knowledge of latest trends in wearable technologies


Competitive prices


Better engagement

Case Study


A digital music stage

Our experts have designed and developed a custom app for the music lovers. The app is providing a unique music experience to the users by allowing integration of various instrument sounds.


How mobile apps are gripping their roots into education industry?

I personally envy with the new generation, during my school days due to less presence of technology, I used to struggle a lot to learn each subject

Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry

The technology is changing the education landscape where the mobile apps for education industry will replace the traditional teaching methods.

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2017 is going to be a revolutionary year for the education landscape. Technology will make the teaching and learning experience more collaborative and interactive. The time is here where information will be consumed quickly using innovative teaching methods.