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Uber Clone Script

If you are considering buying Older version Uber-clone Script then you can be in trouble:

Clone!! The Latest Buzzword In The Mobile App Development Industry.

You were looking for a new mode to start a new business and one of your friends told you that mobile apps are the latest trend and easy to develop an app. You researched little on the internet and realized that buying an app clone script and leveraging it for your business is too easy and affordable.

This concept is actually growing rapidly today, yesterday when I read this post about a 25-year-old guy who has developed 600 apps from clone script source codes only, I was shocked. Gone are the days when people wanted to build their own brand in the business; we just want to copy our competitors. But we forgot that this will never help us in leading with our competitors.

Today, The Internet is storming with clone scripts of popular apps like Uber, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder, AIRBNB, Snapchat, Sarahah etc. as it is the easiest way to develop an app (as per the amateur world). All you have to do is pick up an app clone script, make some changes and upload it to app stores now business owners are unaware of the fact that these people are actually fooling them.
The most popular search term for clone apps is “Uber Clone Script”.

It is a well-known fact that people are looking for Uber-like apps, but there is a difference between Uber clone app development and Uber like app development. Uber clone apps will give you the ready to use the source code to quickly and affordably start your own Uber clone app, but in Alternative, Similar Apps like Uber, you can create your own Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing apps like Uber, Lyft as per your requirements.

#DoYouKnow these clone apps are uploaded to market many years ago, So the technology, platforms, frameworks, and database they are having will be as per the trend of that era?


Secondly; As per the latest apple policy ; clone scripted apps will not be allowed on the iTunes store. The new algorithm of apple will reject any code script which is a clone template. This is not just one reason to drop clone script apps, there are some serious disadvantages.

Let’s check out the Major Drawbacks of Opting for a Clone App:

You will have to survive on ancient database structures

As I said earlier, the existing Uber clone code will be having an old database structure. MYSQLi, MongoDB format is the most preferable and latest format of database storage. There are lots of Uber clone apps available on the internet so the database structure they of the app will be too slow and chaotic.

No latest Features or functionalities

To make sure your app works smoothly it is necessary to use latest backend platforms like the latest version of PHP or Laravel, Node JS, Angular Js Using old backed will deprive you of many new features and functions like for example, you will not be able to handle Payment issues with multiple users at a time.

No real time tracking data

Clone apps will not provide you the access to getting real time data. This is a major disadvantage of the vehicle renting and hiring apps; they depend mostly on the real time GPS tracking with the app. If the app is not able to provide the real time data then you cannot offer best user experience to your customers.

Be ready to face Security breach

Custom apps offer various layers of security for the app data which is an important part of the apps which are using customer’s data for profile creation. It is necessary to focus much on the security factors in the online payment methods, in some cases the code stores the entire credit card details of the customer which is illegal

No Compatibility With New OS Versions

The clone app will be having the working standards as per the OS version of that era, so you will not be having compatibility with present OS version. For example; if your clone app is from 2015 then you will not get responsiveness with latest iOS and Android updates like iOS 11 and android Oreo.

Pay huge cost to add new features

In clone apps, you will be limited to, the features present in the app clone script source code and If you want to add any new features like:

  • Payment gateways
  • Wallet integration
  • Add New services like car pooling or destination to destination car hire
  • Feedback or rating options
  • Social media integration
  • Speed optimization

To add these features you will have to contact the clone script providers they may not be having that much of skills or they will charge double the amount. Another option is to hire Uber Clone Script Specialist with an experience of working with clone apps.

No support or maintenance service

What will you do if you need any bug-fixing in your app? Who will you contact? Clone apps will not have any Taxi app developer who can assist you and solve your queries, while when you go for Uber app development you will get support and maintenance even after the development of the app.

Do you know which technology Uber are using?

Consider Uber mobile app, presently the app is leveraging some unique technologies like:

Now think yourself, a clone app will have such huge technologies and framework? So, if you will buy a Uber clone app for your app then you will get basic technologies like PHP and no such trending technology features. You will just get a basic app with a driver side login and user side login with no other feature.

Over To You

I guess these factors are enough to make you understand what you will lose and gain from buying a clone nulled script for your Taxi business app. So now the choice is yours if you still want to opt for the Uber clone app script source code, then I would like to wish you best of luck.

But if you are interested in the Uber-like app then I can help you. Connect to a network of taxi app specialists and get started on developing your own taxi app. Why don’t you read my last article about developing a Taxi business app? The article covers all the nitty-gritty of taxi business and its future scope.

Afraid of clone script apps but your budget is too tight for hiring mobile app developer? Don’t worry! We have got your back. Contact us and we will develop an app for you within your budget.

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