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WatchOS 4

In WWDC 2017, Apple has announced the WatchOS 4. With monthly challenges and full-screen goal effects Apple watch is moving more towards fitness.

The latest features of WatchOS 4 are:

  • Automatic workout playlist
  • Easy to add workout sessions
  • GYMKIT mode
  • Hardware integration
  • Quick tap to start the workout

The activity app has daily words of inspiration and a motivation boost at the end of the day. Then it has a workout app that has a Quick start feature. It provides smart tap to start a routine and a high-intensity interval training and monitoring with modes like swimming centric modes, back-to-back workouts and much more.

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One more interesting feature of WatchOS 4 is the automatic start of your desired workout playlist with the beginning of your workout session. It also allows the users the addition of multiple sessions on the fly. When switching between the workouts, the user can simply tap the plus button to add a multiple workout session.

A new mode called “GymKit” allows the users to sync directly with high –end gym equipment. The two-way data exchange can sync the metrics with treadmills and elliptical. Apple Watch is now able to integrate with hardware like glucose sensors and some other real time accessories, for example, a smart tennis racket.

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WatchOS 4 has already arrived for the developers and will soon be shipped as a free update.

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